Ray Bramasakti
(BIMA Satria Garuda)

Ray Bramasakti, 25-year-old Indonesian young man. Since his parents died, Ray life with Randy Iskandar's family and considered as a foster brother.Everyday Ray work in the workshop owned by Randy named Satria Motors as technician. From the first, Ray is a good boy, quiet, humble, always helping people in trouble, and always holds good principles.

Ray destined to gain power VUDO's red stone from a parallel world. With the power of red stone, Ray can turn into BIMA Satria Garuda, the hero who defended the earth from greedy villain named Rasputin (Vudo’s leader).BIMA as the superhero has powers like eagle is energetic, focused and powerful. Bima has a weapon named Helios. Bima's finisher move to fight VUDO’s soldiers is Garuda strike.

- Technician in motorcycle workshop called “Satria Motors”

- The Hero who is protecting the Earth;

- Receive the red Power Stone from VUDO and transform into BIMA;

- An orphan lives with his foster-brother and sister Randy & Rena;

- He is a nice, quite and humble; and also heroic and noble guy.

Actor: Christian Oktavianus Loho

Randy Iskandar

A figure of hard working youth, owner of Satria Motors workshop. He is Ray’s bestfriend and he was the first to know Ray is a BIMA. Randy’s parents suddenly disappeared but left an inheritance considerable for their biological child, Randy and Rena.

Randy is the fatherly figure well as parents and a good brother to his siblings, Rena and Ray (adoptive brother).

- The owner of motorcycle workshop called “Satria Motors”

- Ray’s best friend since school and knows that Ray is BIMA;

- Inherit wealth from his missing parents;

- A fatherly and brotherly figure guy to Rena and Ray.

Actor: Rayhan S. Febrian

Rena Iskandar

Rena is a high school student. Randy’s youngest sister is known as a good girl and innocent.

As a foster sister of Ray, she's always helping Ray even though often kidnapped and hurt by Vodo to defeating Ray. Rena sympathize to Ray from the beginning they meet.

- Little sister of Randy;

- A nice and innocent girl;

- Always try to help Ray, but end up being kidnapped or hurted by VUDO;

- Respect Randy and Ray very much;

- Has a crush on Ray since the first met.

- Her childhood nickname is "Omochi" and only Ray used to call her that.

Actor: Stella Cornelia

(Mysterious Boy)

A young man from a parallel world (a world overrun villain named Rasputin) since the beginning of his appearance, he's a mysterious figure without unknown origin. He escape from Vudo’s warships carrying Red Power Stone’s Vudo.

Mikhail is very cool and quiet person, communicate through telepathy, but he could talk to Ray in Limbo (the supernatural). He's looking for people who are destined to receive Power Stone which he had brought from a parallel world.

- His origin is unknown;

- Runs away from VUDO battleship and bring the red Power Stone;

- Communicate through telepathy;

- Doesn’t like to communicate with many humans.

Actor: Adhitya Alkatiri


Rasputin is a parallel world leader figure is very cruel, and greedy. He’s the strongest leader in Vudo black organization. Loss of natural resources because exploitation by greedy ancient times, causing a parallel world lose everything.

Therefore, he wanted to take over the elements in the planet such as light and the sun, oxygen and water resources to provide life there. Rasputin had a deadly source of power which is very powerful because of wear and have Black Power Stone.

- The leader of black organization called VUDO;

- Comes from Paralel Universe to take over the elements in the Earth including sun light, oxygen, water to give life in Paralel Universe;

- Rasputin uses black Power Stone for his evil power.


- Rasputin’s battle soldier;

- A creature from dead bones that given life by Rasputin’s magic;

- Once defeated by BIMA it will turn back to bones.

Iron Mask

- General Commander of VUDO, which also the captain of VUDO’s battleship;

- Rasputin’s right hand;

- The real face behind the mask is unknown;

- Has the blue Power Stone power.

Lizarion Monster

- It has the capability to creep up a wall and trifles an enemy by quick motion.

- Moreover, it uses an elastic tail arresting/capturing enemies as well as attacking them.


- Not only in land but activity in water is possible.

- It has an outstanding jumping power and delivers an acrobatic attack.

- What was wrapped in the bubble discharged from his mouth loses consciousness, and serves as a captive.

- Moreover, an elastic tongue attackes like a whip.

Satria Garuda




Garuda strike, Garuda Crusher, Helios Blaster, BIMA Blue Storm, BIMA Red Fire

- The Super Hero

- A Hero that uses the power of red Power Stone from VUDO to save the Earth.

- Possess the Garuda power: quick, focus and strong;

- Has a weapon called Helios;

- Finisher move: Garuda Strike


- The sword of BIMA

- When it is called by BIMA it will fly out from the sun.

- It has two-sided color : blue and red

- The blue side is to separate the evil monster and human body inside the monster

- The red side is to kill the monster once separated from human body


- It is very flexible and does not receive damages from normal attacks.

- Moreover, if caught by the feelers equipped with suckers, escaping will be extremely difficult.

- The black smoke screen shooting out from its mouth hole will take away eyesight of the enemies.




- The transformation of Mikhail who get caught by Rasputin and turn him into evil side again

- Given the Black Power Stone by Rasputin Azazel is the evil side of Mikhail who fights againts BIMA for Rasputin

- Has a bird-shaped sword called “Taranis”

- Taranis can turn into one and double edge sword but not as bow and arrow


- The venom of strong acid nature can be released out of the tip of the tail which is attached to the head, and even steel can be melted.

- Moreover, the two scissors can even cut concrete.


- The snake of both shoulders will be removed and prefers to manipulate the snakes as “Triple attack”.

- The deadly poison released out of a fang paralyzes the whole body of the exposed human being.


- Adhesive thread is injected from its mouth and has the capability to capture human.

- Moreover, its huge cobweb is used as a strangling weapon which restricts enemies’ movements.