On Sale: NOV, 2012

DIGIMON FUSION LOADER is an important item to save the Digital World invaded by the Bagra Army. You will cooperate with your partner Digimon in the DIGIMON FUSION LOADER to create your own special Digimon legion (DECK), and you will become the commander officer against the Bagra Army to restore the peace of the Digital World. Digimon other than the partners will act as the Data Card recorded in DIGIMON FUSION LOADER. Collect and select Digimon to create your own legion!

Item No.: 05118
Item No.: 05117

To strengthen your legion, you need a more powerful Digimon. DIGIMON FUSION LOADER can turn the sound or music into Digimon Data Card for collection. Try to get more Digimon into DIGIMON FUSION LOADER by reloading with serval sounds. Please see “How to reload Digimon”.

Select 40 Cards from the collected Digimon Data cards to create DECK and confront the enemies in the battle. Control the abilities of the Digimon, and select Digimon to join the DECK to defeat enemies. After acquiring the Digimon Cards, DECK should be strengthened. Of course it can also conduct connecting battle with friends.

On Sale: NOV, 2012


Item No.: 62096


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Item No.: 62638

On Sale: NOV, 2012
Item No.: 62452