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以壓鑄金屬及ABS為主材料的完成品模型「GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION METAL COMPOSITE」。運用多種素材、造出比以往的更加精密造型以及上色。GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION系列的造形美、超合金系列的重量感、加上變型合體系統令可玩性大幅提升的新次元高達模型。
A spin-off of the GUNDAM FIX FIGURATION series utilizing injection-molded ABS plastic and diecast metal. The use of composite materials allows for unparalleled detail and color representation. The Metal Composit series is a fusion of the beauty of the G.F.F. series with the weight and transformation systems of the Chogokin series. Featuring unsurpassed play value, it represents the next generation of Gundam figures.
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